This presentation of the book 'In belief is power' is a provocation in the line of the question of what our beliefs are based on, using the language of propaganda.

I formed an environment where I placed my publication. The image from its cover is silkscreened in red on a piece of red fabric and hanged on the wall. In front of the print is set a table covered with a red tablecloth.

In belief is power (installation), 2019, exhibition view from the solo exhibition In Belief Is Power at Gallery Synthesis (Sofia, Bulgaria)

In belief is power, 2019, installation: red image silkscreened on red fabric, size 285 cm x 156 cm, produced in Charles Nypels Lab, Van Eyck, Maastricht; red tablecloth, wooden table, size: 75 cm x 120 cm x 60 cm; one copy of the book In belief is power