The photographic installation "One world away" refers to my position as a migrant inhabiting the space between two countries: in which I was born and raised and the one I currently live in.

This space in-between, where I "am", has no physical dimensions and cannot be found on the geographical map; it is made by the interaction of spirit and mind, old and new, order and chaos; it is my laboratory for unpredictable experiments. It is the environment that defines me and by visualizing it my nomadic "I" began to exist, come into a form, gives expression to my experiences, but also an opportunity for others to reflect on these experiences. Therefore, the in-betweenness can be considered as an open system, influenced by variety political, social and economic factors.

Some of the questions that I set are:

How the in-betweenness occurs in the real space?

Assuming that the in-betweenness is the mental expression of the existence of migrant, how it affects humanity as a whole?

What is it to be a person living in a state of " in-betweenness"?