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Hi (dear) hristina,
hope all is well and that you had a good queen’s day our house looked great last week thank you this week we had workers in our house so all the floors are pretty bad if you have time this week we would love to have these cleaned kitchen bathroom living room bedrooms all the floors(vacuumed and moped) all the wooden blinds cleaned (in the kitchen bathroom and guestroom) on the windows the stairs going from the living room to the basement(lights are at the top of the stairs by tv and the good vacuum to use here is the yellow vacuum at bottom of stairs) hope you are well have a good day thank you can you please hang out the laundry thank you for everything could you please clean the area above the front door of the building today is the worst day my house is a mess see how far you can get I’ll be around twelve see you good morning I have to go to Utrecht all day for work could you do as usual if you have time could you clean the windows – inside and outside downstairs I’ll call you this is what left from last time ok thank you for coming may be the postmen rings to bring a package when you are here if that happens can you please accept this package the postman wants money for it which I put here also there is a clean wash in the machine if possible could you take it out of the machine so it can dry thank you hope you had a nice weekend could you please also quickly clean the doors in the house(mainly two front doors) they have a lot of fingers on it also actually the receiver next to the door in the kitchen thank you maybe i see you later because I have to pick up something this afternoon also please do the bed except the duvee did you have a nice weekend hope you are doing great could you please also mop the wooden floor in the kitchen and if you have time fold the clean laundry good morning I’ll be back at about ten o’clock would you please start as usual hope you are well we have bought new cleaner for the bathroom hopefully this one is better for your breathing so sorry could you today please clean the kitchen extra well the doors downstairs and dust the whole house so dust windows walls blinds(wooden parts at the bottom of the wall) and fold our laundry + ironing hope you make it in the 3++hours thanks for everything how are you hope all is well sorry we did not bring the tv but we will call you about that could you mop the kitchen floor and bathroom and clean kitchen extra well (we had a dinner here this weekend) also could you fold the clean laundry thank you for all thank you all the best hope you are find thank you when you clean the wooden floor with the white soap please shake the soap well as the oil will come up when using this soap you can take 250ml into 10 liters of water for washing use small quantity of water with the soap which may dry on the floor we hope everything is fine regards can you please clean the microwave thanks for cleaning last week is looked great today please take care of the following vacuum whole house dusting first and second floor, kitchen bathroom ironing as much as you can thanks very much how are you my new address will be … I will need someone for two hours every week as of the week of 24 April I really hope you can do it but if  not it would be great if you know someone else can you let me know within a few weeks thanks a lot and have a nice weekend if you like this magazine please take it with you thanks for your help please could you change the sheets on my bed i have new sheets so I will explain a little sheet for mattress then green sheet for under the covers then the cover for the duvee green side underneath and buttons  by the feet anyway hope you understand thanks hope all is well please find your mop and vacuum and vacuum in the guest room and the cleaners and new clothes under the sink if you have time today would it be possible to vacuum the front part of the house as well place looked great last week thanks again good morning can you please clean the whole house but start with the bathroom and the kitchen thank you thank you for coming today, you can take the fiets pump if you still wanted I bought another one because I didn’t know how this one works I hope you can figure it out further my neighbors  from the second floor asked me if you also want to clean at their apartment  can you please let me know if I can give them your phone number  I bought a ‘wonder doekje’ at the hema I already used it and it is great regards hope you are ok there is a lot of dust in the house, so please pay extra attention this week to the dusting heaters walls ceilings wood cupboards tables etc please do the rest of the ironing and if you have time hoover the house and clean the bathroom and kitchen a lot of work hope you make it we have a tv left over do you want to have it we can bring it to your house if you want please let me know there are no friends who want so if you want take care hope you have a good Christmas and that you didn’t miss your family too much wishing you all the best for 2006 thank you for all your help hope you are well today there is nothing special to do but here is the list bathroom, kitchen dusting hoover fold the washing ironing could you also if you have time hoover the hallway  outside if you can make it also the stairs there is extra long cable in the cupboard  where the hoover machine is so you can reach all the stairs just be careful so you don’t fall the stairs are very steep take care and we will let you know when we bring the tv + coffee machine bye how are you doing hope al is well with you could you please do the following things today extra hoover the outside corridor (stairs if possible) change bed except the duvee (top thing) so only the sheets and pillows for the rest there is a little bit of an ironing hope you manage and thank you best regards an old Dutch tradition this I your Christmas gift or in Dutch “kerstpaket” no worries it is always (meant to be) a little strange hope you enjoy it merry Christmas for you and your family (a Christmas present for you) next week we will be in Stockholm please come to clean the house than for this year working for us please take the wine and chocolates first of all happy new year we wish you all the best I didn’t buy new antikal because I would like to reduce these aggressive cleaning materials what I did buy is vloeibare zeep  which is more mild than other materials maybe you could try it once If you have time left there is lots of shirts to iron but only the ones on the hanger are important thanks and see you soon thanks for the great job you have done here this year here is a bit of Christmas cheer for you to enjoy during the holydays I have left these clothes out to give a way if you would like any or all of them then please help yourself we will be out of town the next two weeks so if it would be possible for you to come on sometime during the first week of January that would be great thanks again for all your help have a great Christmas as you can see from the sign we are going to move we are going to a bigger house with a one more room but we are not gone yet we will be here until march happy you are here again today they worked in the house again on Saturday and so much dust so please today could you do the following dusting the whole house and if you can the wood on the ceilings and walls hoover the whole house bathroom upstairs toilet kitchen mop the floor downstairs please use very little water the floor must not be too wet thank you so much I hope you have enough time please let me know if stayed longer we hope you are well big regards to you don’t worry about the ironing I can do it this week please put your wet towels in the laundry basket our washing machine is broken how are you hope always well with us everything is going well all the best would you mind feeding the cats today food is in the golden can under the sink see you next week I have new phone number if you have time can you please fold the laundry lots of ironing my husband is moving in so a bit of a mess  have a good day could you please do some ironing it is on the chair next to the ironing board thanks hope you are ok would you mind ironing these clothes and change the bed the cover sheet is still being washed upstairs I will do that myself have a good day how are you sorry it’s a mess have been busy very happy with your cleaning no ironing today I did buy stuff for floors sorry about last time I was abroad for more and realized after my departure that you are coming thank you would you please pay attention to the fridge the staircase and change the bed ma 26 will be the next time to clean when our guests has left we will be back at 7th  October which is a Friday so Monday the 10th would be nice to be the next day thanks a lot greeting I’m sorry that the water is not working again we are getting it fixed on Monday just do what you can do and leave the rest I am sorry for the inconvenience kind regards hope you are ok I just understood this morning that you need bleach so I will buy it for next time unfortunately hot water is still not sorted sorry about that hope you had a nice holyday sorry about the hot water it should finally be fixed later today sorry for the mess we have both being traveling for work do what you can and we will make sure it does not happened again unfortunately they could not fix the hot water yet it should be fixed next time just see what you can do next week we are on holyday so you do not have to come next week we are only gone for a week so we hope to see you back the week after I bought a long cable for you so I hope it works of course you can have half hour extra cleaning time hope all is well thank you for the bottle of wine very nice of you hope everything went ok have a good day have a great time in Bulgaria and see you in three weeks we are back from holyday it was very nice hope you are well could you please clean the cupboard under the sink, the one with all the cleaning stuff in it we are on vacation could you please clean the refrigerator and do some ironing hope to see you soon thanks for coming would you please clean the dust on top of the two closets for clothes and vacuum under the bed and between the bed and the bookcase thank you so much the neighbors were very happy with the clean stairs and me too would you have time to do some ironing for me as well probably around 6-8 shirts I ‘m not sure how much time you will need extra and if you would rather  do it every week or every 2 weeks please let me know if you can my other question is if you have time to clean my boyfriends and do some ironing every week he leaves very close would you please water the plants on the balcony thanks if there is any time left would you please vacuum under the bed I won’t be home o Wednesday would you please put the garbage in the containers on the street to your right I’ll be on two weeks holyday from 25th  June the house won’t be dirty then would you mind skipping two weeks and come back on 6th July thanks for coming please give the plants lots of water it’s the ones alive rosemary hanging on the wall the oleander in the white pot and flower on the pot with the white plek please fill the plek to thanks have a good holyday you can keep the keys that’s fine I’m not home very much so it’s probably not very dirty if there’s time left would please spend some extra time cleaning dust for example under the wardrobes and on the top of them and on the top of the books thanks sorry I haven’t had time to buy new allesreiniger yet I have to work today next week I’m home thanks it would be great if you could do the following clean the windows clean the refrigerator inside, kitchen and under stairs clean the cupboard with plates and cups Fay room children room downstairs some ironing left upstairs and the whole house as usual water the plants outside in front of the door sweep or vacuum the cellar I hope you have a great vacation and take some rest hope see you again in September  gone again next week I’ll be home thanks and see you sorry I ‘m to work again hope I’ll see you before your holyday lets call busy times don’t know when I’ll see you I’ll call you thanks sorry I won’t see you again busy times maybe next week if you have time there is some ironing hope you are in good shape see you and thanks for making my life easier if you would like to meet some aftertime for talking or ideas call me evenings I’m free last time for the coming two weeks we will miss you we think we will move into our new house somewhere in January but of course we will call you as soon as we know more because we will miss your birthday 29th we leave you a small envelope do something nice with it all the best how are you doing your Dutch lessons still nice I hope I don’t think there is a lot of extra work if possible only finished the ironing that is left success and groeten thank you very much for the extra time again this week could you please clean the bedroom extra well also the wardrobes thank you thank you hope you are well and see you next time we know you are leaving to Bulgaria for your holiday and we wish you a great time we will miss you of course but hope you have time to relax enjoy your family and see your friends have a good trip thank you for your kind note last week we are happy to hear you are still happy with us we are very happy with you we just wanted to be sure you felt the same way the cat is not at home I forgot to buy schuurmiddel it will make sure it will be here  next week sorry welcome back can you please do the bedroom windows inside and microwave today please do the following kitchen vacuum clean and mop the floor clean gas cooker take dust away from doors in corners and wall plates take garbage out living vacuum clean floor clean glass tables mirror white table wooden floor boards and chimney wash windows from the inside take dust of paintings and above  office vacuum floor take dust of plant toilet please clean bathroom as usual please also clean all tiles master bedroom vacuum floor take dust of wardrobe and side cabinet take dust away above doors and from photo frames clean bed side tables could you please clean the usual with extra attention to dust and dirt above paintings and floor boards clean silver legs of sofa clean and mop kitchen floor clean light switchers clean doors rest as usual bathroom separate toilet bedroom hallway office living please clean vacuum clean take dust away from tables mirrors closets please also make sure doors above candle bars  and light switchers are cleaned thanks     


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