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The sound installation BIO ROB 20 18 is based on my personal experiences as illegal domestic worker in a West European country and developed into criticism towards the migration policy of the EU. The illegal existence of a migrant means always her/his marginalisation and exclusion of the political life in a certain country; it means that someone is bereaved from her social value, identity and turned into a body, that must be invisible while performing as such, must be patient, polite, and thankful, it confirms, bows down and adores. As illegal migrant you have no rights, for defined maximum working hours, a fixed minimum wage, paid leave, provision of food and accommodation, weekly rest periods etc. As a deprived body you have no family or parents, you don't have to be loved. This is how BIO ROB 20 18 came into existence, introduced by Europe Enterprise and Bio Engineering Ltd and brought as an object to the houses of the wealthy European citizens.

BIO ROB 20 18 was born out of the questions: who belongs where? Whom we welcome to enter our private spaces and under what conditions?  Who is responsible for policies that are defining human beings as "illegal", rejecting to recognise them as citizens? Legal citizens with equal rights, are we aware of our responsibilities for ourselves and for the others? And finally what does it mean "a better life"?

BIO ROB 20 18 at Helicotrema Festival at "World Breakers", Centrale Fies, Dro and The Laboratory of Doubt, Turin (Italy), 2016

BIO ROB 20 18 at Tussen zwerven en wonen (Object - Observer), 2015, Castrum Peregrini, Amsterdam, The Netherlands