The initial interest in migration was developed in my artistic work after long-lasting experience and observations as an Eastern European migrant in Western Europe. I have established a position as citizen that I express in my artistic work and opposes the constant attempts of the media and politicians to build and consolidate a negative image of migrants as uncivilized, useless and unproductive people. These clich├ęs are creating a lot of tension in the local population and at the same time, marginalize and objectify the 232 million people that belong to the migrant group.

As a migrant, I would like to discover who I really am and to ‘show’ how my ‘world’ looks like out of a mental in-between space, influenced by time and geography and created by the overlapping of two worlds: the one I come from and the one where I am now. Therefore I am the observed (becoming an actor) and the observer (telling stories): my life is the work; I am the work and always in progress. In this process, semi-fictional imagery of people, monuments, recreated rituals, objects from the streets, texts and appropriations come across.

Through my strongly subjective and personal artistic work I am asking: is it possible to build identities based on similarities and not on differences? What is it like to be a human?