It's me...We are on our way…
Ones a year we are travelling to my country of origin and back to my new land, my host country. For my husband my host country is a country of origin and my country of origin is his country with new family. While I am heading 'home', he is going abroad. In this sense we experience differently the space and the time and the place we are meeting each other is the time machine - our car.
I remember a science fiction television series from the times of my childhood. A political dissident called Blake and his fellow prisoners were traveling with an alien spaceship. Attempting to escape their enemies and inspire others to rebel, they met a variety of different cultures on the planets they stopped at.
Being exited as a child from the movie, one of the plays I was reenacting, was to go out on the wide balcony of our family flat in a little communistic town and arrange all over new shining caps from bottles. This was my command panel in my balcony spacecraft. It was my way of traveling in the years of the 'iron curtain'.
Here we are on our real journey between two planets. The transformation and transportation is carried out through different thoughts. It starts with 'did I switch off the gas, are all the lights off, are all the doors locked behind, do I have everything in the bag, are the presents good enough'. Then I think about how my 'real' parents will look like, besides the pixilated Skype faces I see of them through the year and if my friends will still remember me. Afterwards comes the moment with a kind of new years eve assessment: what did I achieve for the last year, do I have something new to say, how did I change, how did they change, am I going to comeback ever?
(What could be addictive of this time spend in the cosmic space, is the constant moving and finding comfort in the discomfort of not arriving yet.)
Actually where are you now? Please, when you come again let me know. I would love to meet you!
All the best for now