With "The Woman with the Brown Hair, or me and my informant", I am asking the questions: who is the migrant; how is she changing when living in a foreign country; where does she belong; where is home; if a migrant is mentally situated in-between two countries how does this in-between space look; how does her body respond to the in-betweenness and what are the surviving strategies; what are the parameters of the migrant’s ‘guilt’ towards parents and homeland; does she feel nostalgia and what will it mean to return home? Following the questions I’ve constructed a semi-fictional narrative in the form of a fairytale – a genre that provides me with the ability to combine the actuality of my experience as an immigrant and the information from the media with the visualisations of my imagination. This form of the story assumes the use of a comprehensible language that allows other people to mirror their knowledge and understandings on the subject. I have created a character, The Woman With The Brown Hair, who has the courage to oppose the negative identity that is given to her by media and politicians. She decides to step onto the road and to find out by herself who she is.

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The Woman with the Brown Hair was shortlisted for Self Publish Riga 2016, Felifa FoLa International Prize 2016, Rock Your Dummy! Award 2015 and Unseen Dummy Award 2015. The book took part of photo book exhibitions at Unseen Festival 2015 (the Netherlands), Le PhotobookFest 2015 (France), Riga Photomonth 2016 (Latvia), Athens Photo Festival 2016 (Greece), Encontros da Imagem 2016 (Portugal), Photobook Award and Show 2016 (Slovenia), Liege Photobook Festival 2016 (Belgium), Felifa FoLa International Prize 2016 (Argentina) and SCAN Tarragona Festival 2016/2017 (Spain). It was shown by AWAKE! Reading Room (10×10 Photobooks) 2017 at PGH Photo Fair in Carnegie Museum of Art, Magnum Foundation and Image Text Ithaca Symposium (USA).

Edition of 150, signed and numbered
Size: 293 mm x 137 mm; 285 mm x 135 mm
Pages: 140
Type of paper: Roman da costa blauwwit 80g/m2; Focusbook 90g/m2; Canson: Honeycomb grain and fine grain 160g/m2
Typeface: Charter BT Pro Roman
Laser printing
Perfect bound

Text and images: Hristina Tasheva
Design: Emmy van Thiel
Copy editor: Amanda Mullee
Editors: Michiel van Opstal, Edwin Stolk, Annette Lubbers, Suzanne Raes, Martine Stig, Juul Hondius

English, 2015

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Selected for AWAKE! Reading Room (10×10 Photobooks) at Magnum Foundation, 2017
Selected for AWAKE! Reading Room (10×10 Photobooks) at Image Text Ithaca Symposium, Ithaca College Campus, NY, USA
At Even My Mum Can Make a Book [Zes 6 Six] 2017, Corridor Project Space, Amsterdam
With Liège Photobook Festival at Fig. 2017, SPACE, Liege (Belgium)
At SCAN Tarragona Festival, Tinglado 2, Tarragona Port
At Athens Photo Festival ([MIS/DIS]PLACED), Benaki Museum
At Le PhotobookFest, Galerie des Ateliers d'Artistes de Belleville, Paris